Blackjack with Android

Playing blackjack on your mobile device lets you take the game anywhere you want. You can play mobile blackjack in the bus or in a waiting room; moreover you can play the game wherever you feel like playing. However, to be able to play blackjack along with its variants you should own mobile device like smart phone or tablet that runs on Android operating system. The device will enable you to play the game and place real cash bets without problems.

Blackjack Android casinos allow players to log in and make a deposit directly from their Android mobile device and usually offer a couple of blackjack variants on the go like Single Deck Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Pontoon or Multi Hand Blackjack. Regardless of your choice, you should bet with real money in order to win real cash. Continue reading to learn more about Android blackjack, how it works and consider a couple of winning tips.

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Blackjack for Real Money on Android Smart Phone

Android mobile operating system powers many types of smart phones like Nokia, HTC, Samsung Galaxy and thousands of others. It enables its users to talk with other people, send messages, record videos and take photos as well as download useful apps. Android smart phone users that wish to gamble on the move can also play mobile casino games for real money like blackjack. There are many reputable and safe mobile casinos that are compatible with Android and offer a few blackjack variants on the go. To play them, players should sign up with a trustworthy Android mobile casino and make a real money deposit. Then pick the Android blackjack game they wish to play and choose the size of their bet.

Blackjack for Real Money on Android Tablet

Android also powers different tablet models. Gambling on Android tablets is quite easy and fun. The device is more portable than a laptop and it has wider viewing area than Android smart phones, therefore, while playing blackjack with Android tablet, players can clearly see all the features and enjoy exciting blackjack gaming experience on the move.

To get access to a blackjack Android casino on a tablet device, players should access it from their mobile browser like Opera or Chrome and log in or sign up. They can also get access to the game by downloading and installing blackjack Android casino app. Both ways allow seamless game play. Then register an account, make a real money deposit and start playing.

How Android Blackjack Works?

To play blackjack on Android for real money, you have to select the amount you wish to bet and place a chip of different size. Then you and the dealer will be dealt two cards. Afterwards you have the option to draw another card, stop drawing cards, split a hand or make a double down bet. In some cases, depending on the variant, players can make insurance bets or surrender.

When to Hit, When to Stand

There are a couple of playing strategies you should consider when playing blackjack with Android. For example, you should know when to hit or draw another card and when to stand or stop drawing cards. If the dealer is showing a 7 through 10 and you have an 8 or a 12 through 16, it is advisable to draw an additional card. If the dealer is showing an Ace, and you have a hand value of 11, you should also Hit. In addition, hit if the dealer has a 7, 8 or a 9 and you have a 9.

Furthermore, never draw another card if you have a pair of 10s. In addition, don’t draw a card if you have a 13 and the dealer is showing a 6 or below.

When to Split, When to Double Down

Other playing strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning include knowing when to split cards and when to double down. Always split a hand if you have a pair of 6s, 7s or 8s. Split a pair of Aces if allowed. On the other hand, you should never split a pair of 5s. Doubling down is favorable when you have a 9, 10 or 11 because the chances of hitting a 19, 20 or a face card are pretty high.

What is Card Counting in Android Blackjack?

Some blackjack fans believe that if they use a technique called card counting they can reduce the house edge to a minimum. Card counting is when you count cards from two to six as +1, from seven to nine as zero and a Ten and all face cards as -1. However, players should know that card counting doesn’t work on Android blackjack because cards are shuffled before each hand so it is impossible to track the favorable cards in a deck.

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