Roulette with iPhone

Roulette, a French diminutive for little wheel, is a casino games of chance in which players may choose to place bets on single number, a block of numbers, on color or whether the number is high/low or odd/even. To determine the outcome of a spin and the winning number, a dealer spins the wheel in one direction and spins a small ball in the other direction. When it loses momentum the ball falls onto the wheel and lands on one of the 37 or 38 numbered pockets.

The game is very popular at land based casinos and thanks to new technological improvements and concepts, roulette also made its way on the Internet at online casinos as well as on the go at mobile casinos. The game is also available at live online and mobile casinos. Mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular so no wonder why casino fans have the opportunity to play roulette on the move on their smart phones and tablets. iPhones in particular are excellent mobile devices that offer high quality roulette game play.

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How Roulette Works on the iPhone?

Playing iPhone roulette is more or less the same as playing online roulette. First and foremost, you have to sign up with a safe, licensed and trustworthy iPhone casino that offers roulette and select a deposit method in order to play the game for real money and win real cash. iPhone casinos usually offer the game for free. This is good if you are new to this type of casino play and don’t know how the game works.

After you make a deposit, head over to the casino lobby and tap on the roulette variant you want to play. Afterwards select the amount you wish to bet and the size of the chips. Place the chip on the number or numbers you want to play. For example, you can make an even chance bet by betting on red/black, odd/even or high/low numbers. The odds of guessing the winning number are 50-50. In addition, you can bet on one, two, three or four numbers. Wins are paid according to the type of bet made.

Roulette Games with iPhone for Real Money

Apple’s iPhone runs on iOS operating system that displays the games in high definition. Playing roulette on iPhone for real money is very realistic. The game also loads fast and players can clearly see its features. There are a few roulette games that can be played on the iPhone for real money and they are explained in detail below.

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iPhone European Roulette

This is the most common roulette variant you will come across at iPhone casinos. It is comprised of 37 numbered pockets that include numbers from one to 36 and a zero. The zero is green, while the other numbers are either red or black. While playing the game it is advisable to use roulette betting strategies in order to maintain your bankroll. They don’t guarantee a win but they are a good way to prolong your game and earn something in the long run. The house edge of iPhone European Roulette is 2.7%.

iPhone American Roulette

American roulette with iPhone has 38 numbered pockets that include numbers 1-36 as well as a zero and a double zero. Because of the double zero the game has higher house edge (5.26%). Nevertheless, it allows players to place different types of bets and, if lucky, boost their bankroll. The Martingale system can be used with iPhone American roulette. According to the Martingale system, players double their bets with every loss until they win. Then they bet the initial bet amount.

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iPhone French Roulette

French roulette for iPhone works more or less the same as the previous roulette variants. The biggest difference is in the table layout. For instance, Manque and Passe in French refer to numbers 1-18 and 19-36 respectively. Techniques or systems that can be used to reduce your chances of losing and hopefully increase your bankroll are martingale, reverse martingale, James Bond, Labouchère system and D’Alembert system.

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Advantages of Playing iPhone Roulette

There are a couple of advantages of playing roulette with iPhone. The biggest ones are the convenience and portability. With the iPhone you are not restricted to time and place; you can play games at the beach or during a long road trip and you can play roulette in the middle of the night if you want to. The iPhone resembles a mini pocket-size computer you can take everywhere you go.

Another advantage of playing iPhone roulette is the quality of the device. The iPhone is made using the latest in technology, therefore, it perfectly displays games and features. If you switch the phone to vertical you can easily play roulette and clearly see the game features. The overall quality of the game is also superb; the graphics are stunning and the audio support is also excellent.

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